Resistance 2 Downloadable Content Brings New Skins, Maps

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Insomniac will, later today, be releasing two new pieces of content for their shooter Resistance 2. One is a map pack. The other? Some new multiplayer character skins.


The map pack is called "Aftermath", and offers three new maps: Aftermath, Pit Stop and Outpost. All three support 20-player Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, while Outpost goes the extra mile by offering 20-player Core Control. Those three maps will cost you $6.

In addition to this, six new multiplayer skins are up for grabs: Rachael Parker, Female Soldier, Ravager, Cloven (Retribution model), Ranger Variation, and Black Ops Variation. They'll cost you $0.99 each.

Oh, and one more thing. There will also be a patch for the game, bringing it to v1.50. And it's a big one (as it suggests a PS3 firmware update is imminent, if you look at the third option down). In fact, it's so big it's probably best to let Insomniac tell you about it in their own words:

Meltdown Mode: We've read the message-board comments. We've seen the online petition. You want it? You got it! Patch 1.50 brings back Meltdown, the popular Resistance: Fall of Man multiplayer mode in which each team attempts to gain control of the map by capturing beacons.

Superhuman Co-op Mode: Does your eight-man Specter squad possess the skills to survive this all-new difficulty? It features stronger enemies and disables auto-respawning (only another squadmate can revive you), but dishes out bigger rewards (double the Grey Tech and XP per round).

Second PSN Login Support: Your fellow couch potato can now save their character's multiplayer progress, thanks to the added option to log in with two unique PSN accounts.

* XP balance adjustments for competitive mode
* Announcements screen
* Failsafe save support
* Password protected custom games
* Added ability to "Report" player
* Teams switch sides between Core Control rounds
* Players now automatically go to staging after every competitive or cooperative game (regame)
* Localization updates
* Various stat fixes
* Collision fixes on Bryce Canyon and Holar Tower cooperative levels
* New leaderboards
* Map fixes for competitive Chicago level
* Games with Friends and Clan members in them are now highlighted in the "Find Game" screen
* Limited late joining has been added to ranked games
* Deathmatch spawning has been improved
* Players can't earn progress towards Berserks when they are dead
* Reduced sprint speed of core carrier in Core Control games
* Cooperative XP bonuses have been increased by 30%
* Cooperative games respawn time is now 20 seconds
* Players keep their grenades if they get revived in a cooperative game
* Players now have a "Join Game" option for players on their friends list
* A player's own name is now in white in the obituary text

New Medals:

* Savant – Come in first place 30 times in ranked matches (Comp)
* Hero – Come in first place 60 times in ranked matches (Comp)
* Legend – Come in first place 100 times in ranked matches (Comp)
* Tools of Destruction – Score 100 kills with every single weapon (Comp)
* Master Strategist – Score 100 kills with full health (Comp)
* Arch Rival – Kill 500 rival squad members (Comp)
* Full Honors – Take each class to max level (Coop)
* Prophet – Revive 500 players (Coop)
* Secret Agent – Obtain all spec ops upgrades (Coop)
* Surgeon General – Obtain all medic upgrades (Coop)
* Specter Elite – Obtain all soldier upgrades (Coop)
* Like a Surgeon - 100 Splicer Kills (Comp)
* Shake N' Bake - 100 Pulse Cannon Kills (Comp)

New Ribbons:

* Quickdraw – Get the first kill of the round (Comp)
* Manic Medic – Heal for 1000 points within 3 seconds (Coop)
* Solid Solider – Absorb 500 points of damage within a few seconds with your force barrier (Global)
* Specter Survivor – Survive an objective without dying (Coop)
* Specter Medic – Revive 2 or more allies within a few seconds (Coop)
* Hail Mary – Throw ammo and hit your target from at least 10 meters away (Coop)
* Quick and Painless – Score 3 headshots kills in a row (Global)

Resistance 2 DLC and Patch 1.50 Available for Download on March 26 [PlayStation]



When is the patch coming that makes this game fun to play?