Capcom's console game business was the primary driver behind the company's 11.5 percent net sales gain on the fiscal year, the company announced today, crediting overseas performance of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Umbrella Chronicles and Devil May Cry 4 in particular.

Shipments of RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles for Wii "greatly exceeded" expectations, with shipments surpassing one million units, Capcom said, while DMC4 brought "record" sales for the company with over 2 million units. Additionally, PSP's Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G" is off to a "strong start," Capcom said, with nearly one million units sold.

Sales increased to ¥83,097 million ($805.79 million), while the company's operating income saw a 15.7 percent gain on the year to ¥12,267 million ($118.95 million). Net income increased 33.4 percent to ¥7,807 ($75.70).

The company forecasts a 14.7 percent increase in net sales to ¥95,300 million ($924.12 million) in the coming year, alongside 20.6 percent income growth to ¥14,800 million ($145 million) driven by "the steady growth of each segments, which will be the best records of Capcom Co., Ltd."