Resident Evil Wii Titles, DMC4 Boost Capcom In FY08

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Capcom's console game business was the primary driver behind the company's 11.5 percent net sales gain on the fiscal year, the company announced today, crediting overseas performance of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Umbrella Chronicles and Devil May Cry 4 in particular.


Shipments of RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles for Wii "greatly exceeded" expectations, with shipments surpassing one million units, Capcom said, while DMC4 brought "record" sales for the company with over 2 million units. Additionally, PSP's Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G" is off to a "strong start," Capcom said, with nearly one million units sold.

Sales increased to ¥83,097 million ($805.79 million), while the company's operating income saw a 15.7 percent gain on the year to ¥12,267 million ($118.95 million). Net income increased 33.4 percent to ¥7,807 ($75.70).

The company forecasts a 14.7 percent increase in net sales to ¥95,300 million ($924.12 million) in the coming year, alongside 20.6 percent income growth to ¥14,800 million ($145 million) driven by "the steady growth of each segments, which will be the best records of Capcom Co., Ltd."



This could go one of two ways:

Either Capcom finally realizes that the Wii has a huge user base and that there IS money to be made by actually putting out some games there.


They come to the conclusion that they can make millions by lazily porting games to the current console leader and continue as such.