Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Really Needs A Green Herb

This is a wild screenshot, with or without context.
This is a wild screenshot, with or without context.
Screenshot: Capcom

Capcom has shut down the Resident Evil Re:Verse beta hours into its scheduled three-day test run after hiccups with the game’s matchmaking service made it difficult to find opponents.


“We have decided, until further notice, to temporarily suspend the [open beta test] to resolve the problem,” Capcom announced on Twitter. “We will continue to investigate, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

I stayed up late last night to see if I could get a few quick matches in Resident Evil Re:Verse, the multiplayer shooter Capcom is planning to release alongside Resident Evil Village on May 7, only to be met with an endless “Searching for opponents…” screen. That said, reactions to Capcom’s announcement indicate that the issue either wasn’t widespread or restricted to specific platforms, with some folks saying they were able to play the game sporadically before the beta was closed prematurely.

In Resident Evil Re:Verse, competitors play as major characters from the Resident Evil series—Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, HUNK, etc.—in a deathmatch environment. Every character has their own unique loadouts and skills. Upon dying as a human, players transform into one of several bioweapons—Jack Baker, Nemesis, Super Tyrant, etc., depending on how many virus capsules they gathered during gameplay—to inflict further damage on opponents. This loop repeats until the match is over.

Capcom has yet to indicate what caused these matchmaking issues. As Resident Evil Re:Verse has been in closed beta since January, it’s possible the sudden influx of new players was too much for the game’s infrastructure to handle. In any case, the developers haven’t ruled out reopening the beta over the next few days, so don’t lose hope if you had your heart set on trying out this weird multiplayer experience.

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Do people really play these multiplayer modes they keep bundling with recent RE games? I tried the one with all the high school kids and it just felt overly-designed and frustrating. I liked the concept but I’ve never exactly played RE games for the multiplayer. Especially with the horror controls where your character controls like a block of wood on wheels.