There are Resident Evil games. There are Resident Evil movies. What if one day they merged?

When asked if the upcoming film Resident Evil: Afterlife will be the final chapter in the film series, producer Jeremy Bolt replied that if there is enough demand, they will make another.

"We're not presumptuous enough to think it will just keep going," says Bolt. "But, one of the things that's pretty exciting is now we are working very closely with Capcom, so we have a very strong relationship and my dream is that I actually will make a version of this film that properly integrates a game and a movie, which has never been done to my knowledge."

"But I think we've showed them, we've brought things to their franchise, and obviously we've taken from their franchise and I think there's a good union, a creative union potentially there which I haven't fully explored," he continues. "So that would be my goal in the future."

Jeremy Bolt is quoted as saying that Resident Evil 5 is the best Resident Evil game since the first one.


Producer Jeremy Bolt on Resident Evil: Afterlife [] [Pic]