Resident Evil Movie Producer Wants Bigger Success, Unlike Saw

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The Resident Evil movies make money, and they keep on making money. Just listen to what producer Don Carmody has to say:

"Part two made more than one, three made more than two and we're hoping four will make more than three," he said. "It keeps the franchise strong. What we want to avoid is what's happening with the Saw franchise which is going the other way. We're hoping Paul being back in the driver's seat with 3-D and these big action set pieces will keep it going."


So Resident Evil has director Paul W.S. Anderson back in the director chair, big action pieces and 3-D. Oh, and Milla Jovovich! So hopefully it will make more money than the last movie — unlike the Saw franchise.

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Muramasa Edge

Did you see her in 'The Fifth Element' because that's pretty much where her following began to be honest. (Hot doesn't begin to describe. :p) I have to say, I don't think you can be any more wrong about her in the looks department, but whatever works for you, and each to his own. :)

As for the film, it'll be a waste of time, it'll be money not well spent and it'll continue to whore the name Resident Evil- and just like the last film, it'll sell on that bastardised name rather than it's merits as a film.

With the 1000 or so Alice's the last film left off with, I can't see how they can make a film that's held together with anything stronger than chewing gum this time. Yes, they have Chris and Claire in there, but that matters little thanks to the damage already being done in the third film in killing off or forgetting about most of the cast.

The sooner they end this film series and reboot the better, with the right premise and director, I know SOMEONE can do a good Resi film. (The first one came close though.)