Resident Evil Monopoly Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect Scattered Green Herbs

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Sensing that Capcom and Hasbro were never going to release an official version, Nicholas Endean decided to make his own Monopoly: Resident Evil Edition.


And make one he has. No expense has been spared: two boards have been crafted, and Nicholas has even gone to the trouble if re-writing every single Chance and Community Chest card. Every location on the board has been replaced with one from Resident Evil, and it's all even been printed in colour.

About the only things it doesn't have are custom money and pieces, though Nicholas says he's working on those now. Makes you wonder what other properties, Nintendo aside, could work as Monopoly games. Grand Theft Auto? SimCity? Mass Effect?

Resident Evil Monopoly [Project Umbrella]



These special video game edition Monopoly's should come with special rules. Like a GTA one could have a rule to possibly take somebody's turf or to destroy some turf on the board altogether. Sim City would work but imho it would only work if you somehow figured out rules so that every land you purchase can be bought as either residential, commercial, OR industrial areas and they would affect other areas(like building an industrial area next to residential would lower the residential areas values while commercial areas next to them would raise them. Of course a Mother series Monopoly edition would have hospitals around the board(maybe instead of railroads) instead of the jail system. Where if you were dead you would go to the last hospital you passed and either pay the person who owned it to get out of the hospital after becoming a "ghost" or skip a turn or two. There could also be an Ultimate Chimera that moves about the board that kills you and makes you into a ghost(maybe like 10 turns into the game). Mass Effect would definitely have to replace jail with the most hated thing in the game(at least it was mine), scanning. There are tons of special rules that I feel you should make up for a video game version of monopoly(as long as they make since rulewise and according to the videogame) to make the game fresh and different yet still have that Monopoly feel to it.