Resident Evil Darkside Chronciles Getting Limited Edition

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Wii on-rails shooting title Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will be released in Japan on January 14, and is bringing a limited edition bundle for Japan.


There's a special collector's edition, too, which comes packed with the game's soundtrack, promotional DVD and a reversal sleeve. Priced at ¥8,390 (US$91).

..........Anyone like on-rails shooters?

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"..........Anyone like on-rails shooters?"

That's a bit of an unfair statement. I could easily post ".....anyone like MMORPGS" at the end of any WOW comment because the genre doesn't interest me in the slightest, and I'd be accused of trolling.

I loved Umbrella Chronicles and will be picking up Darkside Chronicles without a doubt. Just because it's on-rails doesn't mean it won't be an atmospheric experience. Dead Space Extraction anyone? #residentevilthedarksidechronic...