Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch As A Streaming Game

Illustration for article titled iResident Evil 7/i Is Coming To Nintendo Switch As A Streaming Game

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is getting a Switch release in Japan later this week. It’s a weird thing, though; users will only have to install a 45MB game file, while gameplay will be streamed via the cloud.

So while it won’t take up much storage space (or cost much, since it’ll be selling for around $20), anyone paying for it will need a fast and constant internet connection to be able to play.

Like PlayStation Now, basically, it’s just this is coming straight from Capcom.

The game’s official name in Japan is Biohazard Cloud Version. It’ll be out in Japan this Thursday, May 24, with no word of a Western release.

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So does streaming a game from the cloud have any negative effects on gameplay?

I don’t know much about the specifics, but it seems like streaming from the cloud would be heavily dependent on wifi/internet connectivity, right?