Resident Evil 6 Vs. Gears of War 3: A Slide-by-Slide Comparison

Some people may have noticed that Resident Evil 6 is a bit more like a modern Gears of War game than it's like a classic Resident Evil game. Is that because you can now run and shoot at the same time? Is it because you're now in explosive adventures in a game that feels more like a war-time battle and less like a crawl through a haunted mansion?


Or maybe it's just that, in both RE6 and Gears 3, our heroes can go to a playground and ride a children's slide. So, how do they compare in that regard?


Our video here shows this vital comparison, though be warned: there are mild spoilers about the identity of one of RE6's playable characters.

Who slides better? RE6? Or Gears?

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