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With Black Friday almost upon you (no such shenanigans in non-thanksgiving-giving countries such as Aus), research firm Consumer Reports have got into the spirit of things by publishing a report on projected consumer spending. In other words, what people will be loking at spending their money on come next Friday. Turns out they'll be spending it on Wiis, PS3s and 360s. 46% of those polled said that, when they hit the shops on November 28, they'd be shopping for a games console. 46%. Blow that figure out across the US (even accounting for the fact the total number must surely be slightly lower) and that's a ton of people in the market for a games machine. Hope the three platforms have their trousers pressed and their shoes polished, because with that kind of money up for grabs, they're going to need to make an impression. Consumer Reports Survey Details America's Black Friday Spending Plans [Gizmodo]


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