Rescue Iron Maiden's Crap From Space In This Game

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Oh, dammit. Iron Maiden was flying to its first ever intergalactic gig when space pirates ambushed them, blew up their gear ship, and sent everything flying into space. Now they expect you, space roadie, to get it back.

That's the goal of this frankly kinda surprisingly deep flash game called "The Final Frontier," created and titled after the metal lords' 15th studio album coming out on Aug. 17. Your craft (actually, piloted by longtime band mascot Eddie the Head) gets four upgradeable weapons and a cargo hook to gather up the band's stuff. Space pirate craft and asteroids are your adversaries. Also, don't run out of gas, and look for those fuel and shield pickups.

Additional levels and bonus content also are unlockable, And enjoy that sweet, sweet soundtrack.

The Final Frontier Game [Iron Maiden Site]

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Iron Maiden?! Are those guys still alive?!

Wait, they're releasing a new album?!

What the fuck.