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Reptile is the latest character to be announced for Mortal Kombat X, and he's looking especially nasty. As with previous incarnations, Reptile makes use of acid-based attacks to dismantle his opponents. His fatality is..well, watch for yourself.

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Adam Withers

First, I'm more excited about this game than any MK since I was a child. MK9's story mode was so damned fun that I can't wait to dig into a new one.

That said, is anybody else starting to think maybe the X-Ray moves are getting to be... too much? I mean, I know, I know - MK is all about going as far over the top as possible, and you have to expect that in these games, but it's reaching a level of immersion-breaking for me. Reptile literally gouges the guy's eyes out with his thumbs, and then the fight just keeps on going like nothing happened. His eyes were popped with your reptilian thumbs, dude! Save the stuff that would end the fight for good or just straight kill a dude for their finishing moves. Dang.