Reports: German Version Of South Park Delayed Because Of Swastikas

Illustration for article titled Reports: German Version Of South Park Delayed Because Of Swastikas

The new South Park game has swastikas in it. For the German version of the game, publishers Ubisoft said they were removing them, so as to comply with the nation's constitution, which forbids displays of the Nazi symbol. Only...Ubisoft might have screwed that up.


Users are posting on Steam's forums that the German (and Austrian) versions of the game have been hit with an 11th-hour delay. The reason? That those versions contain "an unconstitutional symbol", and mean the game's release in those two markets is TBA.

But...wasn't the swastika being removed?

Gameswelt says that, according to a source, Ubisoft printed the wrong version of the game for the German and Austrian market, and now need to go and print the right one. The one without stuff that breaks the law. That would certainly explain the mix-up.

We're asking Ubisoft what's up though, and will update if we hear back.



You know, the Original Swastika does not represent hatred and bigotry but the complete opposite. The REAL swastika represents luck, good will, and peace. Before the Nazis, you could find this symbol almost everywhere in the world, even America use it at some point. That is until Hitler came alone and forever branded the swastika as a symbol for hatred.