To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: Good Night Baby Milk Barf And Snoring 5 Year-Old


So today was slightly, just slightly more hectic than usual. Fahey was out on vacation. The New York Comic Con was busy churning out screens, videos, news and impressions. I had to finish playing around with, what turned out to be, a broken copy of Resident Evil 5. And I had a reporter from the local regional magazine hanging out with me for the day.

He's working on a mini profile of me for the Atmosphere section of the magazine. So he spent the day watching me. Watching. Watching. Yes, he's watching me right now, sitting watching me as I type these words...


Funny story. Robert Sanchez, a gifted writer, actually worked with Owen and I back in the day at the Rocky Mountain News. So it was fun to hang out and talk... though that made doing my job that much more complex today.

You should check out the mag sometime if you have a chance. It's called 5280. Get it?

Have a great weekend. I'm off to drink! YES!!

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5280? I don't get it...

Man I'm to tierd to think now. Beeeeeeeeed!