Report: There Is A New Wii-Remote

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And it is apparently called "Wii Remote Plus".

The box art for upcoming Wii title FlingSmash seems to be bundled with a new Wii Remote. The box notes, "Bonus Wii Remote Plus Inside!" The game is compatible with Wii MotionPlus, the motion add-on peripheral for the Wii Remote. The Wii MotionPlus was released in 2009 and offers more precise motion control.


If this box art is correct, then Nintendo is releasing a Wii Remote that features an on-board integrated Wii MotionPlus. The game and the remote are bundled together and priced at US$49.99.

FlingSmash will be published by Nintendo and was originally supposed to be out this summer, but has been pushed to November. A new remote could explain the delay.

Earlier this year, Nintendo submitted a slightly modified version of its Wii Remote to the FCC. The company said in 2008 that it was considering integrating Wii MotionPlus technology into the standard Wii Remote.

Kotaku is contacting Nintendo and will update if the company comments. - Buy FlingSmash - Nintendo Wii [GameStop via NintendoLife]


Setzer IIDX

So. They start by making a non 1:1 controller.

Then they say you need this optional nunchuk. For another $20. By the way, by optional, we mean any game worth playing requires it.

Then they make WiiMotionPlus. For another $20. To give us what we originally expected.

Now they make another controller with it built in. They'll charge us $50 and say it's a deal.

I give it 6 months before we get WiiNunchuck Plus for 30$.

And people call Microsoft evil.