Square Enix has been working on an RPG-slash-shooter called Catacombs, gaming site Siliconera reports today.

Developed by Cavia, also known as the studio behind 2010's cult classic Nier (and a studio that has since been dissolved), Catacombs is a team-based shooter set in a twisted version of New York's Museum of Natural History. Siliconera has more details on the purported game, including information about its characters and weapons.


Square Enix doesn't know whether or not it will complete Catacombs, Siliconera says, although a playable version exists.

"We have not made any official announcement on this title and do not have info we can share," a Square Enix representative told Kotaku when asked for comment.

Catacombs – The Game Cavia And Square Enix Were Working On After Nier [Siliconera]

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