Report: Square Enix Is Making a New, Unannounced RPG for Consoles

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The game's not a remake, it seems. And since Final Fantasy XV has already been announced, it's not that. So what could it be? If this Japanese game magazine leak is true, we'll know soon enough.


According to a supposed early Famitsu leak (via CS Blog), Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda apparently mentioned that the Tokyo-based game company was working a new role-playing game for home consoles. In Japanese, the word Matsuda apparently used was "kateiyou geemuki" (家庭用ゲーム機).

"Actually, right now, we are readying a new role-playing game for home consoles that isn't a remake," Matsuda is quoted as saying. "In December, we'll start with making an announcement."

There will also be other titles announced in the near future.

"To avoid misunderstanding, among the forthcoming titles that do not include the home consoles, there are also various games bound for smartphones and PC. There are titles studios outside Japan are developing, too."

"Starting early next year, I think we'll be announcing various types of titles," Matsuda said. "But at this stage, we cannot say which will be for home consoles or portables."

Matsuda said that from here on out, we can apparently expect more announcements.


CS-Blog points out that in December, there is the Jump Festa in Japan, so that could be an ideal time for an announcement. If not then, Square Enix could reveal the game at the PlayStation Experience in early December.

If the leak is true, the interview will appear in this week's Famitsu. Kotaku will confirm once we have the magazine.


Update: Here is the full transcript of the conversation between Matsuda and Famitsu as translated by Kotaku:

Famitsu: Looking at your company's recent lineup, I get the impression that there's been a lot of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy related remakes or smartphone version rereleases, but Square Enix still has a lot of other IPs doesn't it? I'm always wishing you'd revisit such IPs.

Matsuda: That's... Currently in the works.

F: What!? Really!? Would that be centered on smartphone apps, too?

M: No, I'm looking for players to be able to sit down and really get into playing.

F: So... Something for home/commercial consoles?

M: Yes.

F: Wow! So, what title is it!?

M: I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit for that (laughs).

F: Just a little hint.

M: ... It's an RPG.

F: Square Enix is famous for many of their past RPG classics. Including those that have been buried/not been revisited. So, you're looking at such a title not for smartphones or browsers?

M: Yes.

F: I don't want to be pesky but... This would be for home/commercial consoles?

M: That's right (laughs).

F: Not a remake?

M: All new.

F: Wow... That's wonderful. Sorry for the barrage of questions, I got a little overworked (laughs). When will you be announcing [this game]?

M: We'll be making consecutive announcements starting in December.

F: Starting in December!? Consecutive!? So, you're saying you have more than one title to announce?

M: Yes.

F: That's very exciting!

M: I'd like to avoid any confusion, but of the titles we're planning to announce, there will be ones for smartphones and PCs, not just home/commercial consoles that include stationary game consoles and portable game consoles. We'll also be announcing titles from our overseas studios as well.

F: I see. So, at least the title you're planning to announce in December is an RPG for home/commercial consoles, is that correct?

M: Yes. At present, I can't specify the hardware platform, if it's for stationary game consoles or for portable ones. We'll be able to announce many types of titles after we enter 2015 as well.

F: It looks like you've got a lot of ammo. Have you really been preparing that much?

M: The projects that started after I became president [of Square Enix] and the projects that were re-examined and restarted have finally begun to solidify, so we'll start making a bunch of announcements both domestically and abroad soon.


PS Exで発表か! 新作RPGを12月に発表予定!! [PlayStion-CS Blog]

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