Report: Sony Working on New Gaming Machine

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Is Sony working on a new handheld gaming machine? That's what the Wall Street Journal seems to think.

Buried in their story about the possibility of high-speed cell connections coming to gaming platforms is this juicy little nugget:

Meanwhile, Sony is developing a portable device that shares characteristics of handheld game machines, e-book readers and netbook computers, according to people familiar with the matter. Some Sony e-book readers already come with 3G connections but it is not clear if a new wireless gadget will use carrier networks.


More interesting than the idea that Sony is working on a new gaming machine, perhaps, is the notion that this new device may not be a Playstation Portable. Instead it sounds like the sort of machine meant more to take on the iPhone than the DS.

Though even Nintendo is starting to recognize that the line between portable gaming and mobile gaming is starting to not just blur, but disappear.

This latest story, and word that 3G providers are working with game console makers, seems to back up the Wall Street Journal's March report.


We've contacted Sony for comment and will update this story when they respond.

Videogame Makers in Talks About Portable 3G Connections [WSJ]

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I don't get all the crap the PSP gets. It's sold some 55 million units world wide. Compared to Nintendo's 100+ million DS's sold it's not a lot but this is the first hand held console to be successful at all in a Nintendo dominated market.

Look at the Gamegear, Neogeo Pocket, Ngage, and others. They all failed miserably in the face of the Nintendo Gameboy.

Look at it as the original Xbox vs the PS2. It was useful to MS to gain a small foothold in the market. Then in the next iteration, the Xbox 360 came out and is going toe to toe with what used to be the mighty Playstation empire.