Back in 2008, Sony sold its Nagasaki chip plant to Toshiba. The factory produces chips for the PS3. Reports say Sony now wants the factory back.

Besides PS3 "cell" chips, the factory also produces chips for Toshiba televisions as well as other digital products.

Sony apparently wants to pay ¥50 billion for the factory, which it sold for ¥90 billion.

According to a report from Japan's Nikkei, Sony intends to use the plant to double up its metal-oxide semiconductor sensor production and catch up with South Korean and US semiconductor rivals.


Sony declined to comment to the AFP regarding these reports.

The plant was sold back in 2008 as part of Sony's cost-cutting measures during the economic downturn. At that time, Sony assured that game consoles were very much a part of the company's core.


Sony to buy back factory from Toshiba: reports [AFP] [Pic]