Over the Labor Day weekend, some hackers were apparently hard at work. Hacktivist group NullCew announced that it has made its way into Sony Mobile's servers, reports ZDNet.

A Pastebin dump shows a list of several hundred usernames from the website Sonymobile.com as proof of the infiltration. The Pastebin dump has the following message:

Sony, we are dearly dissapointed in your security. This is just one of eight sony servers that we hve control of. Maybe, just maybe considering IP addresses are avaliable. Maybe, just maybe it's the fact that not even your customers can trust you. Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you can not do anything correct technologically.

Last month, Anonymous claimed it broke into the PlayStation Network and had a 50 gigabyte database of email accounts and their passwords. This was later revealed to be a hoax.


Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update this post should the company comment.

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