Report: Sony Is Firing a Whole Bunch of People [Update]

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Today, Japan's Nikkei newspaper reported that Sony is axing 6 percent of its global workforce—approximately 10,000 individuals—by the end of the year.


Half the cuts will supposedly come from Sony's chemical and LCD businesses.

The paper also added that Sony is asking the seven executive directors who served through the last fiscal year to return their bonuses. Howard Stringer is apparently included.

The Tokyo-based company has been losing money for the past four years. New Sony head Kaz Hirai is under pressure to turn Sony around.

Previously, an unverified report surfaced in Japan that Sony is using "underhanded" techniques to let employees go.

Update: According to BBC writer Tim Weber, Sony denied it's about to axe 10,000 jobs.


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"Sony, speaking to the BBC, have denied the Nikkei newspaper report that they're about to axe 10,000 jobs"