Report Says GameFly Picking Up Digital Distribution Service

Discs-to-your-door rental service Gamefly will buy Direct2Drive from IGN, according to a report by MCV, likely expanding digital rentals' availability over PC down the line.

MCV notes that Direct2Drive had recently launched a digital rental service. Though neither IGN nor GameFly have commented on this rumor, which spread Friday, MCV says an official announcement is expected sometime this week.

Direct2Drive is a leading competitor to Steam, though Steam dominates the PC digital download space. GameFly, which has been around since 2002, leads its particular market in the U.S. and recently won a decision from the Postal Regulatory Commission in the U.S., giving it a break on postage rates that other services such as Netflix had received.

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IGN Selling Direct2Drive to GameFly [MCV]

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