Report: Retailers Can Charge Whatever For Used Xbox One Games

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According to "retail sources", trade publication MCV is reporting that stores will be able to sell Xbox One games for whatever price they want.


The catch? Both Microsoft and the game's publisher will get a percentage of that sale.

The way used games will be controlled and sold on the console has been one huge hot mess since the console's reveal last week, as Microsoft executives and representatives have contradicted each other and issued cloudy, imprecise statements on the matter.


That's resulted in a week in which consumers - and retailers - bounced from fearing the system wouldn't play used games at all to worrying that used games would cost so much damn money it wouldn't be worth buying them used.

This report would, if correct, suggest a compromise has been found between the two, one that gets to the very heart of the long-running struggle between publishers and used sellers like GameStop: making sure everyone gets a cut of preowned sales, not just the reseller.

Microsoft, for its part, says "Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete", a terribly unhelpful statement given the company's poor handling of the information coming out of the Xbox One reveal.


UPDATED: Publishers to receive cut of Xbox One pre-owned sales at retail [MCV]

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Well, at least it's a step in the right direction. Though Microsoft getting a cut seems a little bogus, but I'm all for developers getting a %.