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We know all three current-generation home video game consoles can connect to the internet, but which one is connected to the internet the most? A new study claims to have the answer.


The Diffusion Group reckon that, having presumably polled a sample group of console owners, that the PlayStation 3 enjoys the highest level of online connectivity amongst its userbase, with 78% of PS3s hooked up to the internet.

The Xbox 360 follows closely at 73%, while unsurprisingly the Wii lags behind at 54%. The quick and easy suspect for the PS3 trumping the 360 is the fact online gaming is free on the PS3, but I've my suspicions it has more to do with Sony's console having built-in wi-fi than anything to do with paid online services.


Study: PS3 Has Highest Percentage Of Connected Consoles [Gamasutra]

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