Report: Project Natal To Cost Too Much Money

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Would you pay $149 USD for Project Natal? According to a report from Edge, that's what current Xbox 360 owners should expect to pay when the much-hyped motion sensing camera from Microsoft launches later this year.


Edge, citing a "trusted source," the same individual who fed the outlet details on Gears of War 3's coming out party, also claims the Project Natal accessory will be available as a bundle. The Xbox 360 Arcade version of the console, plus Natal, will reportedly arrive at $299 USD. Xbox 360 Arcade units are currently going for $199 USD, with a pair of games included.

Natal at $149 may be a better deal than the amount some European retailers were attaching to the device, a price tag that Microsoft called "pure speculation." But at fifty bucks shy of the console itself and a couple games, it ain't cheap.


Whether it's too rich for your blood depends on your financial circumstances, but early reaction to the price doesn't appear to be overwhelmingly positive.

Natal To Cost $149 – Source [Edge]



in defense of the sega cd, it actually didnt do that bad for an add-on. it sold something like 6 million units in its few years on the market.

considering it debuted at 300 bucks, and the genesis only sold 5 times as many units.. that aint so bad (1 in 5 people had a sega cd apparently.. of course you have to consider it was more popular in some areas than others).

sega actually did okay with the sega cd by releasing it early in the genesis' life span.. id say the cd-rom rage in the early 90s is similar to motion controls nowadays.. think about it.. motion controls will be the standard on every console from hear on out i bet.

the only thing thats missing though.. is that microsoft doesnt have "halo natal" like sega had sonic cd... also, if the next gen shows up in a couple years.. natal will be pointless. the sega cd came out 3-4 years before the saturn dropped.. so i guess.. if theres was a killer app for the thing, id get it for sure.