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Remember when people would complain about those horrible working conditions at Foxconn plants? How employees worked too much? Now, people—well, Foxconn workers—are complaining about something else: too little work.


According to China Business News (via TechInAsia), Foxconn workers on the iPad line are suddenly finding themselves twiddling their thumbs with loads of time off. And for workers, more time off means lower salaries. One worker told China Business News that he already had ten unpaid days off in March.

While the new iPad seems to be selling well in stores, iPad scalpers in China's gray market are reporting dismal sales, apparently. So hopefully sales will start going bananas real soon so workers can go back to pulling crazy hours and people can go back to moaning about how horrible Foxconn is?


新iPad销量平平:富士康工人放假 黄牛亏本 [Sina via TechInAsia]

(Top photo: Kin Cheung | AP)

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