Report: Nintendo Delaying 64-Gigabyte Game Cards For Switch Until 2019

[Image: Kotaku]
[Image: Kotaku]

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is pushing back the introduction of larger 64GB game cards for the Switch.

Nintendo, the WSJ writes, had planned to make them available during the second half of 2018, but has reportedly told developers that they would have to wait. According to the WSJ, the reason given is technical issues.

As Kotaku previously reported, Nintendo’s Switch games keep their size slim, with downloads for Super Mario Odyssey, Arms and Splatoon 2 ranging from 2-6GB.


However, third party developers have been releasing bigger, data-heavy games, outpacing the Switch’s 24GB of usable onboard memory.

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo regarding this report, but did not hear back prior to publication.

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That’s worrying actually. If third party is already having issues keeping to the current limitations, they’re going to have bigger issues down the road porting over even larger releases from the PS4 and XbOne.

What concerns me is that third parties are capitalizing on the rush of popularity of the system right now, but once that dies down their ports will become fewer and fewer and potentially more broken if they outsource the porting process too much.