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Report: Next Battlefield Game Is Cops Versus Robbers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The next entry in EA's premiere shooter franchise—coming for last- and current-gen platforms—will reportedly be called Battlefield: Hardline. The 2014 release will put players in the middle of armed conflict where it will be cops and criminals fighting each other.

Eurogamer rounds up various bits of information about Hardline, which have popped up on EA servers, Twitter and BF fan sites. When EA had mentioned that a new, unannounced game would be coming this year in its latest quarterly earnings call a few weeks ago, many assumed that it would be a Battlefield game. According to various sources, Hardline will supposedly feature four player classes called Enforcer, Mechanic, Professional and Operator, along with modes named Blood Money, Bomb Squad and Carrier Assault.


Weapon and award images from the game are among the assets to have leaked—via Twitter account @BFDaily—along with Battlefield: Hardline icons for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Visceral Games and Ghost Games—responsible for the Dead Space and Need for Speed games—appear to be the EA studios developing Hardline. With E3 just two weeks away, an announcement either debunking or confirming Hardline's existence should be right around the corner. Kotaku has reached out to EA for comment and will update this post if they reply.