Report: Modern Warfare Dev Head Leaves Company

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According to his Linkedin page, CEO and Studio Head of Infinity Ward Vince Zampella has parted ways with the Call of Duty developer, as the strange goings-on at the development studio continue.


Keen-eyed Kotaku reader Sam passed along a link to Zampella's Linkedin page this morning, showing that the employment status had changed to TBD (to be determined), and the listing for Infinity Ward CEO / Studio Head now contained an ending date of March 2010. This follows last night's strange occurrences at the Call of Duty studio, and confirms rumors of Zampella's leaving.

Zampella and Infinity Ward co-founder Jason West are now both confirmed to have left the company, as rumored yesterday, following a SEC filing from Activision investigating "breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward."



What people seem to be forgetting is that the video game business is a BUSINESS. These guys were EMPLOYEES of that BUSINESS, and when you, as an EMPLOYEE, are told to do something by your EMPLOYER you do it or you risk getting fired for "insubordination." When your boss at McDonalds tells you to go scrub the toilet and you say, "f*** you", you're probably going to get fired. No difference.