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Report: Microsoft Talking 3D Gaming "Soon"

Illustration for article titled Report: Microsoft Talking 3D Gaming Soon

Sony has been making a big deal about 3D. So too has Nintendo. Until now, Microsoft has been fairly silent on the subject. Looks like that's about to change.


Andrew Oliver from Blitz (Dead to Rights Retribution) has told Develop "Microsoft are going to be making an announcement about [3D] at some point soon."

Great. Et tu, Microsoft?

No timeframe was given, but with E3 beginning next week, that seems as good a time as any for the company to jump onto the 3D bandwagon.


Microsoft will announce its 3D plan 'soon' [Develop]

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And yet nobody has a TV that can support it. Why don't they just WAIT until next gen, when 3D TVs will have a higher rate of penetration, to add it?

I don't want it either way (gives me vertigo), but it just seems silly to focus on it when nobody can take advantage of it.