Report: Mark Wahlberg Won't Be in Uncharted Flick

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Director David O. Russell dropped out of Uncharted. He's taking his goofy-sounding script and Mark Wahlberg with him.

Wahlberg was slated to star in Russell's cinematic take on Uncharted, which was about "a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities" and which didn't sound like Uncharted.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Russell's Uncharted script was so long and so ambitious that it was partly responsible for the filmmaker and Sony parting ways.


While the game centers on hero Nathan Drake, Russell added a whole host of supporting characters and hoped to have Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro co-star in the film.

Sony still wants to make the picture and is searching for a new director and new writer to work off an earlier script draft written by written by the writers responsible for the upcoming Conan the Barbarian.

Russell is a talented filmmaker and probably could've made something interesting and entertaining. But would it have been Uncharted?

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Why couldn't David O. Russell and Sony make it work on 'Uncharted'? [ via /Film]

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I had to look up this Nathan Fillion everyone is raving about. Seems like a nobody to me. According to his bio on IMDB he is best known for a tv series called Firefly that lasted all of one season. Most of his work seems to be in little known tv series that are cancelled after a year or two. I don't get it. What creds does this guy have that make everyone here think he's qualified to star in a big budget movie? Though video game movies suck as a general rule so this guy might be perfect to continue that theme.

Regardless, the Uncharted games don't have a script that translates well to the big screen. I think Russell's script that was only loosely based on the series was probably the way to go. Oh well.