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The studio responsible for last year's indie adventure/puzzle hit Machinarium says six months of talks with Microsoft ended with no progress on bringing the Indie game to the Xbox 360, because Microsoft doesn't want to support games that aren't Microsoft exclusives.


Update: The original source of this report now says: "When asked about their plans to port Machinarium to different platforms [Amanita Design head Jakub] Dvorsky confirmed having ‘talked' with Microsoft. He did not specify if this involved being accepted for XBLA or being published by Microsoft on XBLA, but did put an emphasis on losing revenue through a conventional publishing deal."

Kotaku's original post follows:

"Microsoft just refused Machinarium for XBLA after a half year of talking with them," Jakub Dvorsky told the site "They like the game and know it would be very successful on their platform, but they don't want to support games which aren't Microsoft exclusives. Machinarium isn't, since we've also released versions for Mac and Linux. We have another option to approach some big publisher to bring the game to XBLA, which is quite absurd to do and lose maybe a large part of revenue because of that."


Machinarium was one of 2009's most acclaimed indie games, taking home honors for Best Visual Arts at the Independent Game Festival. Luke also loved it so much he sneaked it onto his honeymoon (check out his review of it.) If what Dvorsky's alleging is true, it sounds rather shortsighted on Microsoft's part to turn it down simply because its PC version is also on something other than Windows.

I have emailed both Dvorsky and a Microsoft rep for comment or clarification. Anything that's said will be updated here.

Machinarium Refused for XBLA [ via GameStooge]

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