Report: Kane & Lynch Movie Loses Director

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Last week, former stuntman Simon Crane was directing the Kane & Lynch movie. But that was last week! This week, word is he's off the project, leaving the movie without a director only two months before it starts production.


That's according to a report on film site Latino Review, which says Crane "wasn't working out" with the film's executives, so they've "parted ways". No replacement has been named, though it's said that South African Wayne Kramer is in talks to take over.

Kramer's previous works include The Cooler and Crossing Over, so if true he brings something a little different to the project, as his previous stuff has been more about the conflict between personalities than jumping out of helicopters.

The switch has only affected the director's chair; the film's stars (Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx) and start date are still locked in, with production due to being in August.

Exclusive: Wayne Kramer in talks to direct 'Kane and Lynch' [Latino Review]



This movie will be a train wreck but I could have told you that when I heard they were making a movie based on an already horrible game.