Report: Hulu May Be Expanding To Xbox 360, iPad

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Looks like previous reports that peg streaming video service Hulu for the next big addition to the Xbox 360 may be right. Reuters is reporting today that Hulu plans to expand its service to multiple devices, including Microsoft's console.


That could mean that new television and movie programming from companies like Fox, NBC Universal and Disney are on their way to the Xbox 360 and the iPad, two of the devices named in Reuters report. Hulu plans to start charging a subscription fee for such a service, according to the report, and launch that service within the next month or two.


With E3 just around the corner, this won't be a mystery for much longer.

Hulu plans to charge, expand to devices: sources [Reuters]

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Dr. Tobias Funke (Analrapist)

Just use PlayOn and you can watch in on your 360 (or PS3) without having to pay a monthly service. One $30 payment is all it takes for a fantastic program that does a great job at streaming Hulu and many more things. It still pisses me right off that they took PS3 functionality off Hulu with their change to their terms of service...