According to "a very reliable source", gadget site Gear Live is reporting that Microsoft is set to unveil a nice little surprise during its E3 press conference: the addition of TV streaming service Hulu to Xbox Live.

Requiring a separate subscription fee - just like Netflix - Hulu would let Xbox 360 users watch (most of) their favourite TV shows whenever they wanted. Only, instead of watching it on a monitor, they could kick back and watch it on their actual TV sets.


It'll hardly end the console wars, but the combo of Netflix and Hulu might be more than enough to persuade a lot of people to buy the Xbox 360 just for its media capabilities, games be damned.

Me? Sounds great for Americans, but I couldn't care less, sadly. I spend nearly every day of my life being greeted by the message below.

Exclusive: Hulu coming to Xbox Live at E3 [Gear Live, via Engadget]

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