Report: Halo 2 Is Holding Back Your Xbox Live Friends List

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The current cap on your Xbox Live friends list is—and always has been—set to 100, a paltry figure for some Live social butterflies. The reason that number hasn't budged in four years is reportedly due to one game.


According to G4, that game is Halo 2, built on the old Xbox Live architecture and a game that Microsoft still supports. Wisely supports, that is, as the original Xbox game still regularly sits atop the weekly "Original Xbox Top Live Titles." But it's supposedly the title that's hampering your ability to enjoy a wider circle of e-friends.

G4 cites a "high-level Microsoft source" in discussing Halo 2's effect on the bigger Xbox Live picture, which, while unconfirmed officially, makes a hell of a lot of sense. The kids love the Halo. He's a pretty cool guy.

Not a problem for me, as I only have two Xbox Live friends: Crecente and my mom. She always lets me win.

We've reached out to Microsoft in an attempt to get official confirmation of the limits on Live.

The Real Reason You Can't Have More Than 100 Xbox Live Friends — Halo 2 [G4's The Feed]


I've never understood how people on XBL could fill up the friends list. It's not like you have 100 people you NEED to play with or keep tabs on at any given time. I think I have like 57 people on my list, and only like 12 of them are people I honestly care about.