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Report: GameStop is One of the Worst Places to Work in America

Illustration for article titled Report: GameStop is One of the Worst Places to Work in America

Using data from online employment portal Glassdoor, business site 24/7 Wall St has compiled a list of what they claim are the worst places to work in the United States.


Everybody's favourite specialist retailer GameStop managed to make the cut, finishing in tenth place. Why? The chief reasons cited from current and former employees include a push to prioritise sales over customer service, and the resulting HI PREORDER THIS NOW culture which places "customers at a disadvantage".

Glassdoor's data also points to a high turnover rate amongst staff, which is never a good sign of a happy workforce.


As awful as GameStop's service can be, I've always got sympathy for them. In a previous life, I was employed at EB Games (owned by GameStop, and the same in everything but name) here in Australia, and was there during the transition from "wear t-shirts to work and play your own music" to "harass customers for preorders, play a pre-recorded soundtrack and throw good customer service out the window".

It was...not fun. And that was years ago. Going by the bullshit I'm subjected to now simply walking in the door, I imagine in 2012 it's a lot worse.

America's Worst Companies to Work For [24/7 Wall Street]

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The constant badgering for pre-order crap, asking to bring in used games, or get their card that gets slight amounts of cash for used games...does make my experience worst. What's sad is the one near me has a friend working there part-time as he gets through college...and you can tell a little of him dies every time he has to keep bugging the customer.

The only time I ever go into Gamestop is when I'm waiting to meet someone else, and I'll never buy anything because Amazon, Steam, and Greenmangaming are more affordable.

The last time I even needed to go into gamestop was to pre-buy the Guild Wars 2 collector's edition...and that's only because Amazon didn't have it at the time I bought it to get beta weekend access.