Report: Disney’s Infinity Project Will Combine Toy Story, The Incredibles and Wreck-It Ralph in One Massive, Cross-Platform Gameworld

Illustration for article titled Report: Disney’s Infinity Project Will Combine emToy Story/em, emThe Incredibles/em and emWreck-It Ralph/em in One Massive, Cross-Platform Gameworld

Disney's ambitious video game project looks like it will be rolling out on a broad, multi-platform experience that will let users create, share and play games based on popular properties like Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters, Inc, according to details leaked to Polygon.


Images and video sent to Polygon reveal that aspects of familiar Disney movies and TV shows will be built into playsets where various kinds of gameplay will be happening:

What we saw of the game shows players controlling well-known characters from a collection of Disney movies, exploring wide-open expanses in cars, on foot, or by flying. The game, which seems to include split-screen mode, will support a plethora of ways to play including racing, shooting, building and destroying.

In the videos, players ran around together as different Disney and Pixar characters, hopping on top of structures, using ray guns, driving tanks in impromptu battles.


Speculation had it that Infinity—originally known as Toy Box—would be linking consoles, smartphones and tablets with socially connected games. The article seems to confirm as much and also says that new characters and elements will also be introduced in the initiative. Development efforts on Infinity are reportedly being handled by Avalanche Software, the developers of Toy Story 3: The Video Game. Expect more info on Infinity to come out when Disney unveils the gaming platform on January 15th.

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If it's anything like Kingdom Hearts, this will be awesome.