Report: Another Foxconn Employee Gives iPhone 5 Release Info

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This year, a new iPhone looks set to hit. The big question now is when it will be released: this summer or this fall. Late last month, a Japanese TV crew filmed an interview with a Foxconn recruiter, who said the phone would be out this June.


South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper begs to differ. According to a recently published article, the paper asked the head of human resources at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory about the iPhone 5 release date. The human resources head apparently told the paper, "We just got the order. It [the release] will be around October."

The original Japanese media's report noticed that there were many Foxconn hiring notices throughout Taiyuan. The Foxconn factory that will apparently assemble the iPhone 5 is located there. The Maeil Business Newspaper reporter phoned the Foxconn factory in Taiyuan, and spoke to the H&R head. "Yes, it's true we are hiring a large number of workers," the human resources head told the paper.


Then, the reporter asked about the iPhone's release date. As previously mentioned, the Foxconn employee said the company had just received the order, and the release date would be "around October."

The paper followed up with Foxconn's head of publicity. The paper, however, was told the PR head was "on vacation" and unavailable for comment.

「iPhone5発売は10月頃」、フォックスコン中国・太原工場が6月説を否定―中国紙 [Livedoor]

(Top photo: Kin Cheung | AP)

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October? Well my iphone 4 contract ends in september so perfect timing. I wonder how big of leap it will be compared with the 4s. Before I got the iphone4 I had the old 1st gen american model, so it was to say a huge leap.