Consumerist reader Adam thought it was safe to take his Xbox 360 on a plane with him. He'd received assurances from US Airways that it was. Uh, no. It wasn't.

Upon landing, Adam says he opened his luggage and found his Xbox 360 had been cracked open. He also found inside his luggage something he didn't put in there: a small ziploc back. Full of "tiny metal components". Components that used to be inside his Xbox 360, which was of course now completely busted.


Contacting US Airways for a "please explain", Adam was told "tough luck"; seems security suspected something was up with the 360 (even though it must surely be a fairly common item), and security feels it has no need to explain itself.

Our advice? A DS can fit in your carry-on baggage...

US Airways Takes Parts Out Of Xbox To Make Flying Safer [Consumerist]

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UPDATE - Headline originally placed blame on airline for the actual tearing. While the issue itself is 100% US Airway's fault for not knowing what was OK to put in a bad and what's not, it's not accurate saying they actually performed the teardown.

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