Illustration for article titled REO Speedwagon: The Game: No This Is Not A Joke

An REO Speedwagon game. Mull that sentence over for a while, and your mind darts between reactions. Namely, from amused, to confused, to bewildered, then back to amused, via a short stop-over utter disbelief.

Called "Find Your Own Way Home", it doesn't sound like much of a game - it's billed as a "hidden object adventure game" (ie click the screen a lot) - but then, it doesn't have to be Deus Ex 4. It just needs some soothing adult contemporary rock, tight pants and the whiff of the 1980's to get by, and on those counts, it looks set to satisfy. Especially since it's coming packed with 12 of the Speedwagon's finest.


No word on a release date, but it's due for the PC and Mac. What, no WiiWare release?

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