Ah yes, Akihabara. When you think of Tokyo's "Electric Town", you probably think of retro game shops, arcades, and a sea of anime, manga, and collectible figurines. Add go-karts to that list.

Dubbed "Akiba Cart", this service allows you to rent go-karts and drive them in the nerd paradise that is Tokyo's Akihabara.

Each kart comes outfitted with things like side view mirrors, a horn, and a little flag—so you don't get smushed by a dump truck. The street legal go-karts can reach speeds of 50 km/h and have special light blue license plates reserved for microcars.

Anyone with a valid Japanese or international license can drive the Akiba Cart go-karts. Wearing helmets is not necessary, and apparently, some customers even enjoy cosplaying while they enjoy karting. (They better cosplay as Mario Kart characters!)

With a full tank of gas, you can drive the go-kart for about 80 kilometers before running out—and don't necessarily have to stick to Akihabara, making this a new and interesting way to explore Tokyo.



Akiba Cart has go-karts available for rent at 2,500 yen (US$25) an hour. If you become an Akiba Cart member, you can rent karts for slightly less at 2,000 yen ($20) an hour.


Akiba Cart [Official Site]

アキバカート [pipipicpsf@YouTube via サイボーグネネ]

(Photos: サイボーグネネ NSFW)

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