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​Reminder: Your PC Is Gross And You Should Probably Clean It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday I finally began the long process of upgrading my gaming PC. I opened 'er up, excited to finally install that new hard drive I'd bought, and I came face to face with grim reality: Ah yes, the inside of my PC is gross and covered in dust and grime.

I set about cleaning it—swiping the dust from the cooling fans, blowing it out of the corners of the case, that kind of thing. As I did so, I felt a strange warmth come over me, like I was actually cleaning out some dark corner of my brain. About a half an hour later I was done. The inside of my PC was clean, the cables had been re-organized, and I felt just a little bit more right with the world.


So, this is my reminder to you: If you play PC games, your PC is probably gross and in need of cleaning. (Unless you clean it regularly, which, good for you!). And hey, starting over with a fresh hard drive and a clean Windows installation is also a nice feeling, for what it's worth.

Our sister site Lifehacker has some a good guide for how to clean and spruce up your windows PC, though really, you can just open it up for yourself, get out your cleaning tools, and go to town. Trust me, you'll feel better afterward. You don't want to turn out like this guy, do you?