Reminder: We're Talkin' Portal 2 Co-Op at Kotaku Game Club Tomorrow!

Remember to come join our last discussion of Portal 2 at Kotaku Game Club tomorrow at 4pm Eastern!


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my biggest problem with Portal 2s co-op is i never have any friends playing it any more so im doomed to play with a random person. i tried it once. i have no idea which levels we did. the hub (i think i was in one) was confusing. the guy had played co-op before so i was trying to keep up (multiplayer games are usually done at a quicker pace anyway). we did a bunch of levels and i even solved one he couldnt figure out.

it just seems like multiplayer is problematic if you have a guy whos done the level and a guy who hasnt. really the only fun i had was when we both played levels he hadnt played (and i hadnt played any before).

i dont know if ill play it again. i might try it some time. i liked the puzzles. they seemed a lot harder than the main game. maybe it would have been better if you could have it divided between newbies and experts so the newbies could get the fun of solving the puzzles and the experts could get the fun of perfecting their runs without having to be burdened by inexperienced players.