Remembering the Most Terrifying Horror Game of This Generation, Brought to You By Burger King

Silent Hill? Resident Evil? Siren? I used to fear these things, but in 2006 Burger King and Blitz Games rendered their scares impotent with the release of Sneak King, a stealth action advergame featuring the creepiest corporate mascot to ever hide in your wife's closet.

In the inaugural episode of the YouTube series "Don't Press Start" (desperately in need of a They Might Be Giants song parody opening tune), a group of friends spend 20 minutes playing through the Burger King's seminal title, handing out Croissan'Wiches to hungry workers too focused on their tasks to eat a healthy breakfast, leaving them open to the idea of consuming complete shit.

Sneak King, along with PocketBike Racer and the innuendo-infused Big Bumpin' were released in November of 2006, available for $3.99 with purchase of a value meal at Burger King. They were the first video games offered in such a fashion. Hopefully they will be the last.


Check out the "Don't Press Start" YouTube Channel for more truly horrible games only survivable in large groups.

Don't Press Start [Youtube]

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Shardik The Man Bear

sneak king was one of the greatest ideas for a game ever, like splinter cell except you're a mental psychopath hell bent on fattening the country.