Remember To Play Titanfall With Style, Folks

There's nothing quite like the moment in Titanfall when you finally call down your giant mech, sprint across the battlefield, and leap into the cockpit. It's robot fightin' time!

Lately I've gotten a bit obsessed with style, specifically with trying to climb into my titan in the coolest way possible. So far, I'd say the coolest way I've found to embark is the top-down approach, as demonstrated here:

This is a pretty basic execution, all things considered - I could imagine someone rocking an extended parkour run, calling their titanfall mid wall-run, then leaping off of a tall building just as it lands and doing a perfect top-down embark. Bonus points if they also land their titan on an enemy titan. (Someone on the internet who's better than I am at Titanfall, please pull that off!)


Regardless, I submit that as much as I love the "slide through the legs reverse-embark," the "top-down embark" is the most stylish way to get into your titan.

Final note: Similar to FarmVille, I'm finding it very difficult to talk about titan-entry maneuvers without sounding like I'm talking about sex.

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