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Remember that Final Fantasy VII spin-off, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike? The mobile title, which isn’t yet a year old, is ending service on December 15. The reason Square Enix gave was that it was difficult to offer a satisfactory experience.

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I played the game a bit. Great music (some new stuff and some remixed tracks) and some pretty cool art. It looked good, but my tablet could barely run it.

It really just wasn’t much fun. It was basically the motorcycle minigame from FFVII; you tapped enemies to lock on and auto attack, while avoiding attacks and obstacles by dragging the bike around the screen, swiping up to jump and down to slide.

It used the standard stamina depletion mobile game stuff, with premium currency and a golden saucer roulette deal to get new motorcycle parts and weapons.

The main issue is that it felt super unbalanced and it was really difficult to actually progress in the game as a result. It’s also made completely redundant by Relic Keeper, which is an all around better, more balanced, more fun game. Same was true for their second Dimensions game (Final Fantasy Legends: The Crystal of Space and Time), which was unfortunately basically structured like Relic Keeper with a story, instead of as a full SNES-style RPG like its predecessor.