Remember, Sony's Shitty New Terms of Service Don't Apply to Everyone

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Sony's new PlayStation Network terms of service, which basically exist to try and stop the company being taken to court by disgruntled users, aren't exactly popular in the US. If you're from Europe or Australia, though, relax: They don't apply to you.


A Sony spokesperson has confirmed with Kotaku Australia that across the territories governed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the terms of service agreement users sign has not changed— as such the "don't sue us" clauses present for Americans are entirely absent for customers in Europe and Australasia.

"Although the Terms of Service (TOS) in the SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) region have not been changed, in the regions where they have, this updated language is designed to benefit both the consumer and the company by ensuring that there is adequate time and procedures to resolve disputes", the spokesperson said.

"There is also a section of the TOS that educates users on how they can opt out of this portion of the TOS. As Australia is part of SCEE therefore there is no change to the TOS."

Sony's New Terms Of Service Do Not Affect Australia [Kotaku Australia]

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Honestly....when are you really likely to sue Sony? I mean, if you got burned somehow by them...worst you'd likely do it swear off their products and call it a day. I still think it is a dick move to put it in the TOS...but it really isn't going to impact most people.

Heck...I don't even think it would fly here anyhow as the Supreme Court rulings would show. There is already precedence for this type of matter. []