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Church-goers will soon have their very own "inspirational" gaming portal thanks to the backing of Left Behind Games.


When it launches later this month the website will feature the entire line of post-apocalyptic Left Behind Games titles will be featured on the site as well as hundreds of other family-friendly games, according to Inspired Media Entertainment.

"The company's goal is to establish an affiliate network with at least one percent of the churches — just 3,000 — that would produce an average sales of 50 games per church a year within three years," said Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon. "This alone would generate supplemental revenue of $3 million a year, but more importantly, will provide parents with a healthy alternative for their children."


Lyndon says that a portion of the profits from the site would be given to the churches as an incentive for them to encourage their congregations to go to the Inspired Media online store. So think of it as a sort of holy pyramid scheme.

Left Behind Games hopes to establish an affiliate network with at least 3,000 churches nationwide, with hopes that they would sell on average 50 games per a church a year. That would end up pulling in about $3 million a year, Lyndon says.

"In contrast to almost all other PC games, Inspired Media games encourage positive decisions and actions," Lyndon said. "Rather than the usual 'winning' by using weapons and killing the enemy, players are rewarded when their characters use the power of influence to bring about good rather than destruction."

I guess all of that heathen killing in the original Left Behind game doesn't count.


Eventually, Lyndon hopes to get his games placed in prisons for rehabilitative purposes.

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