Religious Criticism of Resident Evil Dignified With Response

Generally, when dealing with religious kooks who allege your product promotes sin, exalts evil and is generally ungodly, PR 101 calls for a no-comment. Instead, Capcom's responded to two UK ministers after they called out Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Not sure who Bishop Bryant, Archdeacon Brian Smith or the Right Rev. (that's right, Rev.) John Goddard are, but they say the game promotes violence and an interest in the occult. Blah blah blah, encourages violent behavior, blah blah, slippery slope, blah blah, we know better than you. Really, it's like they ripped a page from World's Zaniest Scolding Clergy Mad Libs, filled in the blanks and mailed it as a press release.


Capcom's Leo Tan says to MCVUK:

This is scaremongering and typical religious hysteria. You cannot blame society's ills on video games. It's just absurd. Most games (and movies) like Resident Evil show characters fighting evil not supporting it. Unfortunately the clergy is showing a lack of understanding of the video games industry and is too quick to splash the holy water and lump video games players into stereotypical boxes.

And the three ministers were thus chastened, apologized for their knee-jerk scapegoating and said they would get back to making their communities better, rather than making games worse.

Or, they just nodded smugly that they got a defensive reaction from Capcom. Yeah, I'm betting on the latter.


Capcom Responds to Clergy Criticism [MCVUK]

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